In addition to having a medical condition requiring treatment, patients must be able to show verifiable financial need – generally through referral from a social worker or member of the clergy. In addition, a physician must certify that the patient is able to walk and fly in a small plane without medical assistance or support. VPA is not an air ambulance service, and pilots are neither trained nor permitted to provide medical assistance.

The following are some of the requirements for patient flights:

  • All patients must be able to sit upright, wear seat belts during the flight and enter and exit the plane without assistance.
  • Ground transportation and overnight accommodations are not handled by the VPA.
    Smoking is not permitted, and restroom facilities are not available on the aircraft.
  • Passengers prone to motion sickness must provide their own medication, if permitted by their physician.
  • Generally, the aircraft’s seating will allow for the patient and one, or possibly two, traveling companions.
  • One or two small (carry-on) overnight bags weighing up to a total of 40 pounds (for both pieces combined) generally can be accommodated.


To fly with the VPA, the following three forms have to be filled out and sent in:
Physician's Statement
VPA Request Form
Waiver of Liability Form
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